Biyectiva at Collaborate Malaga 2023: Machine Vision and its Key Role in Industry 4.0 - Biyectiva Technology

Manuel Tovar at the presentation held in Malaga

Leading Industrial Innovation in Malaga

At the renowned Collaborate Málaga 2023 event, presented by Atlas Tecnológico, Biyectiva stood out as a leading force in machine vision for Industry 4.0. The iconic venues, El Green Lemon and the Palacio de Ferias de Málaga, served as the backdrop for our collaboration with industrial giants such as Grupo Premo, TDK and DEKRA.

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision: A Perspective by Manuel Tovar

Our Artificial Intelligence expert, Manuel Tovar, enlightened the audience with an in-depth perspective on machine vision, highlighting its unique ability to combine cameras and advanced algorithms to overcome human limitations in image processing.

Revolutionary Machine Vision Applications

Comprehensive quality control: Ensuring impeccable products and enhancing the customer experience.

Advanced grading: Optimizing food distribution based on criteria such as maturity and size.

Label verification: Minimizing costs by preventing label errors.

Innovation and Collaboration in FYCMA

The atmosphere at FYCMA resonated with a spirit of innovation, serving as an epicenter for the exchange of ideas and the building of professional relationships. With "Reset the Economy" as a call to action, Biyectiva emphasized the essentiality of machine vision for the future of the industry.

Customized Biyectiva Solutions

Beyond words, at Biyectiva we create customized solutions in machine vision, adapting to the unique demands of each customer. We are at the forefront of driving efficiency and quality in the emerging industrial scenario. Are you ready to join this industrial transformation?