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We are dedicated to the original creation of innovative technologies through Artificial Intelligence. Our mission is to create smart, fast, and personalized technologies that are adapted to the needs of each client.


We aim to position ourselves as a technological benchmark in Spain and Europe. We want to light the way to be the creators of the technology of the future.


We believe in innovation with a purpose. We are not afraid of the abyss of a blank sheet of paper, we actively seek the challenges that for others seem impossible. We believe in excellence and we go above and beyond to achieve it.

Our Story

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Andrés Fernández

Founding Partner & Director

Felipe Segura

Founding Partner & Executive Director, CEO

Rubén Martínez

Founding Partner & Technology Director, CTO

Fatima Ezzahra Mejdoubi

Director of Talent Management & Head of HR

Juan Carlos Perán

Director of Information Systems, CIO

Luís Martín "The Druid"

Strategic Advisor

Juan Alcaraz

Associate Director of Business Development

Jesús Molina

AI Engineer

Jorge Gálvez

AI Developer & Computer Vision

Sergio Moreno

Hyperautomation Engineer

Manuel Tovar

AI Developer & Computer Vision

Saúl Huanca

Back-End Developer

Work with us

We are constantly looking for new talent. If you want to join our team, contact us!