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Computer Vision

Element Detection and Classification in Images and/or Video

A part of Computer Vision focuses on techniques and projects that require detection of elements in images. Our experience in this field includes the search for vehicles, the analysis of license plates, the detection and calculation of fluxes of people, their interaction with other elements, facial recognition, hyperspectral image analysis, the search for patterns and anomalies, and much more.

Searching, Matching, and the Image Signature

Another important element of image processing is image search, description based on the image signature, and the comparison of images. The capabilities include, but are not limited to, matching between images with score, visual description of elements, visual search in image databases, detection of pirated content, and scene recognition.

Document Management

Using Computer Vision, we have developed a new automatic information extraction system from documents, which is combined with its intelligent processing capacity. Functional applications of this system encompass the detection of specific fields, the automatic classification of documents, and the extraction of relevant information from identity documents.

Data Science

Analysis, Prediction, Classification, and Representation

One of the applications of Big Data revolves around the analysis of time series datasets, data warehouses, data lakes or other sources in order to carry out classifications and/or predictions for the future. Also noteworthy is its practical value in the realm of automatic economic analysis of competition for pricing adjustments, sales predictions, or even the detection of anomalies in consumption. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of dashboards, the representation of data on maps (GIS), or the creation of APIs.


Within the encompassable spectrum in the IoT, at Biyectiva we focus on the automatic management of the data generated by sensors. This allows us to build personalized A.I. that is efficient and tailored to the needs of each client.

Natural Language Processing

For certain document management projects, it is essential to implement their own natural language processing algorithms. These algorithms have served as the basis for not only document detection and classification, but also for text classification, intentionality analysis, semantic detection, and recommendation systems.

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Cloud distributed systems

We use the services of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Docker and Kubernetes on a daily basis, allowing the massive use of our applications with the highest security and speed of response available. Digital Kit