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An API to easily integrate into your ERP

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A technology that selects and recognizes documents in different formats (pdf, jpg, png, etc)

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A software that automatically extracts and compares a wide range of data from your documents

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An Artificial Intelligence system in continuous learning that evolves alongside your company

BYsión Inteligente eliminates the work of transcribing invoices, delivery notes, and other documents by implementing Machine Learning techniques, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision; an effective technology with various applications, among which optical character recognition stands out (OCR), a process aimed at automatically identifying symbols or characters in an image and storing them as data.

Advantages & Benefits of
BYsión Inteligente

Liberate yourself from repetitive manual tasks by opting for invoice processing software

Reduces costs

Increase the profitability of your company by freeing the human members of your team from performing repetitive tasks and minimizing their workload

High velocity

Multiply the efficiency of your company by performing administrative tasks in a matter of seconds

Absolute precision

Guarantees the highest quality in administrative management and avoids errors that are common and easily overlooked in manual data entry

Accessibility & Usability

It facilitates the accessibility, organization, and the treatment of data and documents through a simple, clear, and intuitive user interface

Completely Personalized System

Software adapted to your company with the possibility of implementing other functionalities that you might need

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