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Administrative management software developed with Artificial Intelligence technologies - 11/5/2022

The Hyperautomation Center of the Region of Murcia (CHARM) has made free document management software available to national SMEs to facilitate and accelerate their digital transformation. The computer system, created by Biyectiva technology, is developed with Artificial Intelligence technologies and can be obtained through the CHARM website. “Smart BYsion” can be used free of charge for six months.

The initiative, born with the aim of addressing the need to integrate new technologies in companies, will allow the optimization of processes, increased competitiveness, increased effectiveness of management teams, and the possibility of offering the best service to clients of any entity. According to Felipe Segura, CEO of Biyectiva, "what we want is for the benefits that new technologies bring to the existing business fabric to be seen and for society as a whole to understand Artificial Intelligence as something fundamental in improving our day-to-day lives". In addition, Segura affirms that "through this project, SMEs not only from Murcia, but also national ones, will be able to start automating a large part of their work and this will have repercussions on the change in culture, technology, and processes that urgently need to be carried out to guarantee the economic recovery, its maintenance, and even make the national economy more competitive”.

The system, prepared to operate in the administrative area of both SMEs and large companies, is capable of significantly increasing their profitability. “The savings that a company that applies Artificial Intelligence in the automation of administrative processes can range from 1,000 euros per year in small-sized companies to 16,000 euros per year in companies that process around 4,000 monthly invoices”, assures the Biyectiva hyperautomation engineer, Sergio Moreno.

The administrative document management software has the ability to adapt to the needs of any organization and offers the possibility of integrating it easily into any enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, and other document management systems. In addition, another value that this initiative wants to highlight is the high precision of the systems developed with AI and the cost savings that the integration of these technologies in any area of a company entails.


CHARM works on the intelligent automation of processes and facilitates the digital transformation of companies with advanced and innovative technological solutions The technological innovation center, created by AUNNA IT and Biyectiva Technology, is the place of reference with academic value for the generation of solutions as well as the training of experts in Artificial Intelligence, automation, and other technologies.

About Biyectiva Technology

Biyectiva Technology develops new, original, and innovative technologies based on Artificial Intelligence to improve company performance. Since 2018, it has been working with leading national and international companies in sectors such as medicine, sports, retail, or interactive marketing, offering technological products and services tailored to the needs of its clients. During the year 2021, the trajectory traveled by Biyectiva Technology has led it to become an entity accredited by the CARM (Autonomous Community of Murcia) Ministry of Education to provide specialized training in AI and new technologies. Biyectiva Technology, the first private company in the Region of Murcia recognized in the Map of AI Capabilities by the Government of Spain, is the leading company in AI-based technologies in the region of Murcia, managing to broaden its horizon to other sectors such as agri-food and energy, among many others.