Google Developer Groups will hold its first Artificial Intelligence festival in Cartagena - Biyectiva Technology

Presentation AI Fest - 08/07/2021

Cartagena has been chosen as the venue for the first Artificial Intelligence Festival of Google Developers in Europe, the AIFest; an event to teach and learn about the latest technologies and tools of the different disciplines of Artificial Intelligence and their applications in the different sectors. This event will serve to promote scientific talent as well as the business fabric in the technology sector, which has been growing exponentially in recent years in the region of Murcia.

This event is organized by Google Developer Groups Murcia and Google Developer Groups Cartagena, together with Murcia Artificial Intelligence, and is sponsored by the Murcia Region Development Institute and with the collaboration of the Cartagena City Council, the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the Official College of Telecommunications Engineers, the Port of Cartagena, Biyectiva Technology, AUNNA IT, ISEN, IES Alcántara, Spain AI, Saturdays AI and GDG Spain, CENTIC, CEEIC, among others.

The first Artificial Intelligence Festival of Google Developers, AI FEST, was presented at the Town Hall by the Mayor of Cartagena, Noelia Arroyo, accompanied by Irene Ruiz, leader of Google Developer Groups Murcia and co-organizer of Google Developer Groups Cartagena, and José Carlos Madrid, vice president of Murcia Artificial Intelligence.

The mayor of Cartagena has demonstrated the special interest of the municipal government “in joining technological initiatives of this type, with world leaders such as Google Developers. We are not only a city council that provides the closest services to the citizens, but we also have the intention, vocation, and desire to be the main players in technological transformation, collaborating, and promoting actions of this type with institutions and companies dedicated to this end”, he said.

For Arroyo, "we are talking about an important meeting with the best experts in artificial intelligence that we will celebrate in our city, and it will not be the only one, because our commitment does not end here, it has only just begun".

The format will be blended with limited capacity in accordance with current COVID measures, and through streaming on the Web platform and YouTube. Tickets will be available very soon here:

"What we intend to do with this event is to promote the development and learning of Artificial Intelligence, so that they see that it can be applied to different branches and thanks to the speakers that come, the attendees will be able to observe that AI can be learned at any age and that you can be part of the progress”, says the leader of the Google Developer Groups Murcia.

“Currently, technology is used in any field in which you find yourself, so it is something that we should all learn from a young age; in primary school, in high school, and in many careers, nobody teaches you robotics, or artificial intelligence, or Android, or Flutter, but little by little, teaching is evolving and we want to facilitate this process, with our communities, which are based on learning to teach each others and showcase the progress and projects that are being developed with our events”, says Irene Ruiz.

Ruiz has also unveiled Andreu Ibañez, director of Lleida Science Park ICT Laboratories, specialist in the Google ecosystem, as mentor and administrator of the Google Summer of Code and Google Code-in scholarship program, founder and organizer of the Google Developers Group. GDG Lleida, co-organizer of GDG Spain and WomenTechMakers ambassador. His talk will be on July 23 and is entitled: "11 years of Google grants for Open Source developments based on maps, artificial intelligence, and other technologies."

“This festival is aimed at technical career students, developers, innovative companies, and anyone interested in learning more about artificial intelligence. The program has more than 40 speakers specialized in AI distributed across the two days of the event in individual talks, round tables, and workshops”, commented the vice president of MIA, José Carlos Madrid.

"Topics touching on Algorithms, DevOps, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, or Computer Vision applied to different fields and industries such as medicine, nutrition, sports, education, or agriculture will be discussed", Madrid has indicated.

For its part, the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) will be present at AIFest with the participation of various speakers at the event. On July 23, the coordinator of the new Degree in Biomedical Engineering of the UPCT, Joaquín Roca, will take part in the round table "Artificial Vision in Biomedicine", where he will present the use of these new technologies in the health sector together with expert professionals in the subject such as the doctor and researcher at Ripoll and De Prado Sport Clinic, Javier Pérez-Coca, and the Artificial Intelligence engineer at Biyectiva Technology, Jesús Molina Rodriguez de Vera.

The rector of the Polytechnic, Beatriz Miguel, and the UPCT researchers, Paqui Rosique, and Mª Dolores Ojados, will participate in the round table on women and engineering on Saturday the 24th July. The UPCT, in addition, collaborates with AIFest via the transfer of support volunteers who will work on various tasks and will exhibit some of its technological projects, such as its autonomous car, on the morning of the last Saturday in July.

In addition, on July 23, the Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Alicante, Andrés Pedreño, will participate in the presentation "Competing in the era of artificial intelligence", while the counselor and former secretary of the FC Barcelona Council and responsible of Innovation, Marta Plana, will address "Artificial intelligence applied to the world of football".

The event was attended by the coordinator of the Unit for Scientific Culture and Innovation of the UPCT, José Luis Serrano, and the CEO of the leading Cartagena company in Biyectiva Technology Artificial Intelligence services and projects, Felipe Segura, collaborating entities of AIFest Spain.