Proyecto Abraham seeks the solidarity of the region so that boys and girls without resources have access to reinforcement classes - Biyectiva Technology

Biyectiva employee teaching classes in the Techno-Abraham project - 25/11/2021

With the aim that all boys and girls have a quality education with the opportunities to access a decent future, Proyecto Abraham, an organization that provides social care to families without resources in the Region of Murcia, has launched a crowdfunding initiative to hire Spanish teachers for minors at risk of exclusion. This fundraising is especially aimed at companies in the region of Murcia. Its organizers hope to get the 5,000 euros that will cover the hiring of teachers during the next Christmas campaign.

The METEORA program, the project for which this solidarity action is being carried out, seeks to accompany minors in situations of social exclusion through their educational journey in the face of potential school dropout. In this program, young people learn to manage the necessary tools to function as adults in society. According to the head of METEORA, Isabel Campillo, "it is necessary to motivate young people to finish their educational stage as they are at a very difficult age and their situation makes it challenging for them to successfully complete their studies". The objective of METEORA is, in addition, to incorporate the coordination, management, and training of all the agents involved in the education of minors.

Although METEORA is financed by the Cartagena City Council as well as the Department of Social Services, the aid they receive only covers 40% of the project. “We need more resources because the demand for this service has grown as a result of the pandemic, we do not have sufficient means to be able to cover the expenses required to ensure that these children have a good future and we believe that the solidarity that characterizes people and companies of this region could be the solution”, says Campillo.

Companies that support this social project and form part of the educational improvement proposed in METEORA will be able to access deductions in Corporation Tax (or Personal Income Tax for the self-employed) as well as the dissemination and publicity of their businesses through social networks plus the website of Proyecto Abraham.

Donations can now be made by bank transfer to Banco Sabadell account number ES36 0081 1168 0100 0611 7421 under the heading "Meteora Project Donation". Once the contribution has been made, companies must send an e-mail to with the subject “Proyecto Abraham Collaboration”, the corporate logo in PNG and black and white, a summary of the company or business, and photographs of the company or product so that they can be reflected in the association's media.

Proyecto Abraham Association, which operates throughout the Region of Murcia, carries out other educational programs such as the Tecno-Abraham courses, in which digital tools are taught in Murcia and Cartagena. These workshops, which are being taught by engineers from Biyectiva Technology Artificial Intelligence company, are aimed at people of all ages with the objective in mind of promoting knowledge and the use of new technologies to favor the digital inclusion of the most affected groups given the digital divide.

About Proyecto Abraham

Proyecto Abraham is a non-profit association whose mission is to help those most vulnerable people, who are in a situation or risk of social exclusion; be it economic, educational, or cultural, so that they may achieve their full inclusion and contribute to a more just, supportive, and sustainable society. All this is made possible through activities linked to comprehensive waste management.

About Biyectiva Technology

Biyectiva Technology develops new, original, and innovative technologies based on Artificial Intelligence to improve the performance of companies. Since 2018, it has been working with leading national and international companies in sectors such as medicine, sports, retail, or interactive marketing; offering technological products and services tailored to the needs of its clients. During the year 2021, the trajectory traveled by Biyectiva Technology has led it to become an entity accredited by the CARM Ministry of Education to provide specialized training in AI and new technologies. Biyectiva Technology, the first private company in the Region of Murcia recognized in the Map of AI Capabilities by the Government of Spain, is the leading company in AI-based technologies in the Region of Murcia, managing to broaden its horizon to other sectors such as agri-food and energy, among many others.