Biyectiva took on the challenge of developing a digitized, intelligent and exclusive roastery for CaféLab, with the purpose of controlling the fundamental aspects of the coffee storage and roasting process. At the same time, the goal was to offer a personalized experience to the client, obtaining a deep understanding of their behavioral patterns. To address this challenge, a process of sensorization and digitalization was carried out that allowed for a complete transformation of the way in which CaféLab operates and manages its coffee production.

We grouped the development in three main groups: coffee cellar, roastery, and customer; with a central ERP element.

Cafelab system workflow image

As for the coffee cellar, the implementation of industrial sensors made it possible to constantly monitor the temperature and humidity, as well as the weight of the bags, ensuring ideal conservation conditions. In the event that the desired limits are exceeded, alarms are generated to alert the responsible team.

An ERP system was implemented to which the coffee inventory level of the cellar was linked and which acts as the central warehouse of the operation. Thanks to this integration, it was possible to have an accurate and updated knowledge of the available stock at all times, making it possible to anticipate possible stock-outs based on customer demand.

As for the customer section, a comprehensive digitalization of the ordering process was also carried out. An app was implemented, both web and mobile, with access to a new online bulk coffee store. In addition, with the aim of achieving a 360-degree customer experience, several AI algorithms were implemented to make personalized recommendations for both coffee and roasting curves.

Finally, for the roastery, an order management website was created that communicates directly with the online store and the coffee roaster itself. We were able to automate the coffee roasting process, allowing the selection and customization of coffee from the online store. In this way we were able to provide great value to the most expert customers, since it allows them to control the roasting and the properties of their coffee directly.

Image of a coffee pot


Cafélab is an innovative company dedicated, not only to the sale of specialty coffee in its own coffee shops, but also to the artisan roasting of the same. They stand out from the competition for being great experts in the sector and for converting their headquarters located in Murcia and Cartagena into authentic laboratories dedicated to the study, innovation and training of baristas, offering an enriching experience to both the spontaneous coffee consumer and the more expert client.