Nutrición exclusiva para deportitas de élite


Construction of a comprehensive web platform that collects data from multiple sources and performs a real-time merging process which, through Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Big Data and Recommendation Systems, automates the preparation of personalized menus for high-level athletes.

The platform created by Biyectiva incorporates particular nutritional needs according to values such as: the physical load of training, competitions, matches, pleasures, allergies, preferences, and trends of its users. In addition, the Biyectiva solution for Tabalú allows users to obtain feedback in order to create the ideal menu for each one of them. Currently, the platform for Tabalú developed by Biyectiva manages more than 100 fully personalized daily menus, recognizing and attending to the individual and particular demands of each athlete.


Tabalú is a young Spanish company dedicated to uniting the world of haute cuisine with the nutritional needs of elite sports. Its main clients are top-level sportsmen and athletes with strict nutritional requirements and a devotion to gastronomy. Among them, we find from first division soccer clubs to athletes highly interested in all aspects that affect their sports performance.