Creación de software RPA para automatizar procesos


Development of software that allows the user to carry out processes of consultation, extraction, and filtration of data from a client's computer system and web, automatic communication of the procedures between the client's computer systems and the public administration. It also enables the introduction of documents by the client in the computer systems of the public administration, which in turn facilitates the signing of procedures with valid digital certificates.

The software created by Biyectiva carries out a series of routines by which the client's users or workers are exempt from frequently performing information entry and extraction tasks, spending a great deal of time on administrative tasks, and therefore, promotes the efficient and creative allocation of the company's human talent. This RPA is capable of reading articles, displayed for sale from a website, that generate official documentation at the time of their acquisition and, subsequently, of releasing the relevant documentation after the purchase at the electronic headquarters of a government entity. gubernamental.


DigitalDocuis a document management company that helps more than 600 clients to improve their document processes. The software that Biyectiva has developed is aimed at automating the processes of one of the leading companies in the automotive sector at a national level, and the state website of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).