The framework agreement management system developed by Biyectiva in collaboration with the General Directorate of Urbanism of Torrevieja is designed to facilitate the work of the technicians of Urbanism who have the task of evaluating the offers of the companies to the different contracts published, both for works and services. The main objective is, therefore, to allow the technical specialist to focus his work on the task in which only he can add value to the process, that of evaluating the bids based on technical criteria, sparing him any other automated work that may hinder his task and lead to delays in the administration.

To achieve this objective, the system is composed of 2 fundamental pieces: on the one hand, an administration panel from which you can manage the contracts based, on the successful bidders of each lot of each Framework Agreement and the technicians with access; on the other hand, a web platform where technicians can make their motivated evaluations of compliance (or not) of the different criteria and conditions to be taken into account in the process of awarding public works and services. The system thus has 2 different access points, for administrators and technicians, designed specifically for each one, adjusted to their different needs and contributions to the whole process.

Ultimately, the complexity of the developed solution lies in the fact that the system must be able to discern the different situations that may occur in the process of evaluating proposals for contracts based on the different lots of each Framework Agreement. This implies that a correct "solution tree" must be structured with all the possible paths that may arise in the evaluation process according to the specifications of each Framework Agreement, giving rise to more than 30 different casuistries depending on the information provided by the bids of the successful bidders and the evaluations of the technicians.


The Contract Management System (Framework Agreements) developed allows the administrators of the General Directorate of Urbanism of Torrevieja and its technicians to simplify the evaluation process of the different proposals of the successful bidders, reducing the work required by them to the specialist task of evaluating the different offers and their compliance with the criteria and their conditions, saving time to the Administration in automated tasks such as the objective calculation of the score obtained by each successful bidder or the distinction of the possible situations that may develop depending on different parameters of the process.