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Stress, anxiety, and self-esteem are very influential factors in our day to day life, taking a toll on our mental health if we do not pay them the necessary attention. The crisis caused by COVID-19 has only exacerbated the effects of neglected mental health for many of us.

Mindfullbest is an original project from the team behind Loftalento, dedicated to breaking down the walls and removing the obstacles that limit the potential of a healthy and happy mind. The harsh impact of the pandemic has meant that mental health professionals feel held back in their ability to have a positive influence during a time of uncertainty.

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When it comes to emotional difficulties that we individually go through, there is no canned ‘one size fits all’ solution. The human element of the relationship between patient and confidant is as necessary as water in the desert. Loftalento needed to find a way to maintain intimate and personalized treatment and, at the same time, reach a large number of people without the availability of the usual means.


The first challenge of this project was the idea of a platform in real time for streaming hypnosis through immersive audio called inductions. Although the Mindfullbest team had the methodologies and techniques to treat different psychopathologies, it was not possible to offer them openly to the public, especially with the restrictions imposed by the health crisis. Furthermore, these immersive inductions are not universal, but rather are associated with different psychopathological profiles. Therefore, they must be applied according to the psycho-emotional state of each user.

Automating the process of assigning and configuring certain inductions to specific profiles is only possible by creating an Expert System that can analyze the nuances in the same way as a professional.


To make the most of the potential of AI in the field of psychology, an Expert System was created capable of learning from the know-how of Loftalento's expert psychologists to analyze the responses of patients to a series of questionnaires prepared for this purpose.

This Expert System is enriched with the experience of professionals in order to replicate their behavior and make the Mindfullbest platform accessible and highly scalable.

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Mindfullbest is a real-time streaming platform for hypnosis and psycho-emotional support that improves people's mental health in relation to three significant levels: stress, anxiety, and self-esteem.

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that incorporates sophisticated Artificial Intelligence techniques, which helps determine the psychopathological profile of a patient, select treatment, and adapt the best therapy in relation to her needs. The system analyzes personal traits and characteristics such as responsibility, sociability, or openness to new experiences to determine and suggest a specific therapy, also adapting it to the personality of each user to guarantee quality treatment.

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