Development of an immersive system project for the improvement of sports performance in professional soccer teams, based on Virtual Reality techniques. The main objective of this disruptive solution is to increase efficiency in aspects of great importance in this sport, such as analysis, preparation and perception of the game, tactical training, among others.

The application manages to transfer real soccer matches to a virtual world, in which, through the use of Virtual Reality glasses, the user who receives the training can become part of the game. At this point, freedom of movement on the field is offered through a free camera, as well as first-person, third-person and panoramic views of any player, thus obtaining an analytical view of the play never seen before. It also maintains a real-time connection with a computer-controlled by the coach, which can control the playback of the match, filter it by events such as fouls, goal kicks, corners, etc., and indicate instructions that are displayed directly on the field, thus achieving a new tactical training technique that provides an infinite improvement on those previously used in the world of soccer.


TAKTIA is a new startup born from the idea of revolutionizing the way soccer players prepare for matches. It is an innovative corporation, which aims to revolutionize the world of soccer with the use of new technologies focused on improving sports performance. As the next steps, TAKTIA in collaboration with Biyectiva intends to introduce to the product Big Data techniques for the management of a massive volume of plays and matches, as well as Artificial Intelligence techniques to help in decision making based on successful past plays.