Creación de software RPA para automatizar procesos


Creation of software that carries out management processes such as acquiring information about the client's computer system from certain input data, data extraction from Excel files, storage of files in specific directories (specific formats included), notifications via email (or others) to users about certain processes pending review, consultation and obtention of files according to required characteristics, and more. Additionally, the software constantly checks on the status of the equipment and if the tasks are being carried out correctly.

This Biyectiva solution for Segipsa, based on RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology, frees the client's human team from carrying out repetitive administration tasks, avoids errors in entering and extracting information, saves costs, and minimizes time that is allocated to obtaining and using user/customer information.


The State Mercantile Society for Property Management, M.P.S.A. (SEGIPSA) is a state-owned commercial company (100% public capital of the General Directorate of State Assets), declared by law its own instrumental means and technical service of the General State Administration and of the contracting authorities dependent on it, being able to directly entrust all kinds of work on assets or rights that are part of public assets or that are likely to be.